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Donko Jeliazkov UI

User Interface

Designs and implements intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and efficient user interfaces, for a wide variety of applications, including interactive entertainment, mobile or web based platforms. Gestural, touch and natural (NUI) commands must also be considered and seamlessly interwoven into the user interface.

Donko Jeliazkov UX

User Experience

Ensures that the user will have a memorable experience when using a particular product, unhampered by confusing operations and negative feedback. If done properly, the user will develop an affection, comfort and deeper appreciation towards the product.

Donko Jeliazkov IxD

Interaction Design

Involves detailed and comprehensive interaction flow diagrams, encompassing the wide range of possible behaviors a user may navigate through and ensuring that their expectations are met.

Donko Jeliazkov IxD

All three fields have one element in common: the user is at the epicenter of their existence and functionality, from initial prototype stage to final implementation and everyday use, resulting in a true holistic user experience design.