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Dear visitor,


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!


Originally from Bulgaria, I completed the Bachelor of Computer Science program at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2004. I gravitated towards computer graphics, both real time and pre-rendered. My creative style was further refined at Rhode Island School of Design, where I obtained a master’s degree in Digital Media in 2009. The program was flexible enough so that I could focus on interactive software and truly embody the user as the center of the design process (UCD), where everything must align around them in an effort to provide a pleasant, productive and memorable user experience.


Unlike many other UX designers, I typically approach the user interface, experience and interaction design from both a programmer’s and designer’s point of view, because I have been exposed to both fields of studies as I obtained my degrees. The two are intertwined in such a way that both must be considered and refined in order to ensure a fulfilling user experience.

Donko Jeliazkov

Since then, I have worked on various projects encompassing many institutions and companies, extending beyond my user experience expertise, in the area of computer applications and video game interfaces, web design, simulations, gestural, touch based and natural user interface (NUI) controls, artistic direction, usability/scenario/persona tests, wireframes, prototypes and implementation, cognitive walkthroughs, heuristic evaluations, advertising strategies, project management and content/tool creation.


Lastly, I enjoy participating in Easter's egg tapping family contest annually. Unlike some other individuals who shall not be mentioned on this website, I do not use wooden eggs, nail polish, thumb flicks or other deceptive strategies in order to win.


Well, not usually at least!


With warmest regards,

Donko Jeliazkov


Donko Jeliazkov and Bricky - Ringgold GA