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Mobile & Tablet Projects

View mobile and tablet projects, as well as wireframes, flowcharts, site maps, sketches, storyboards and prototypes.

​​multiplayer turn based strategy game


Breach is a 4 player turn based strategy game, which centers around a castle to be defended by a player, while 2 other players are designated as attackers, with the last player as a defender. It is meant to be played on a tablet, with touch/gestural commands and features dynamic team designation, based on real world conversation between the players.

Donko Jeliazkov
Solaris Bank App Wireframe

A wireframe of an iPhone 5 banking app, showing the complete user experience and created using Balsamiq. It was designed rapidly, with emphasis on simplified actions and minimal screen changes for the user.



DiGiTable was a concept design for a platform, that featured a tablet-like main device, all connected in a system which supported spacial gestures at a discrete motion sensing platform, separate folding physical surface keyboard, external glass panel display, that can project images on 2 sides, with automatic auto-dimming when the user is looking away from it and optional image projection. It was also possible to augment the hardware power of the tablet by linking it with a separate "powerbox" nearby, should the user require more processing and/or graphical power.


Most of the ideas for this platform were influenced by the science fiction movie Minority Report.

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