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Frozen - Let It Go!

The fantastic ice queen sequence as seen in the Disney film "Frozen", featuring the song "Let it Go!" by Idina Menzel.

What I like about this clip is that it starts out quite somber, as it portrays a feeling of isolation and loneliness of the queen Elsa. Later, it transitions into a feeling of freedom, empowerment, transformation and construction, which would not have occurred had the queen not isolated herself from her castle.

As a UX designer, one should note the body language of the queen. Starting out with gestures of a good girl that was unsure of herself and was always doing as she was expected, as opposed to the commanding "Here I am!" hand and body gestures. Her transforming appearance, which indicated her newly discovered self-empowerment and pride at the end, once she had set herself free and was in her own little world. Not too different from a user who starts out uncertain in how to navigate and use a product, to one who discovers how to use it intricately and is left with a pleasant feeling from doing so, if the UI/UX design is done right.

Perhaps if you were to make your users and clients feel such empowerment while using your product, as Elsa did in that clip, you have done an excellent job as a UX designer. :-)

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