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Google Glass v2: Enterprise Edition

Google Glass v2.jpg

Google Glass v1 is officially a thing of the past, but its successor, Google Glass v2 is promising to revolutionize the enterprise sector. Does it really have a chance to make an impact?

Dr. Ross Brown of QUT stated that "Augmented reality system tools for Business Process Management would be nice as well. Imagine six sigma data overlaid on the artifacts used in a process model…all on a heads up display as you walk around the company – a “BPM Tricorder”.

I am a bit more skeptical about how much success GGv2 can have in the enterprise sector. I do not want to be appear more disconnected from the real environment as I am making my way to a meeting. I love technology, but I also know there is a limit that should not be crossed.

I suppose I am a bit more old fashioned and would "believe it when I see it" work.

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