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Super Fun Mini Drone

I purchased the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone and have been having some fun times with it. Initially, I had some issues with the drone not staying level, as one of the propellers was not firmly pushed in. I had to perform some minor calibration and after that, it started flying pretty well.

One major downside is that the flight time is limited to about 3 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes to charged when plugged into a standard USB connector. It also is a little noisy for my tastes, but I can't really compare it to any other mini drones as this is the first one I have ever operated.

Overall, it is a solid design and a great mini drone. My dad has been enjoying it as well, which suprised me since I never really thought he would get into drones. I think as soon as he saw how small it is and how it was buzzing around the room, he became curious about it and started flying it.

I have not used the onboard camera yet, as for now I wish to focus purely on maintaning controlled and stable flight for the duration of the battery.


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