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Microsoft Band 2

After some careful consideration of my daily routine, I decided that I really needed a wearable of some sort. At first, I thought that perhaps a smartwatch would be the best option. However, upon further research I realized that they are perhaps bulkier and do not necessarily have all the sensors needed to make them good for tracking workouts.

I decided to purchase the Microsoft Band 2 as opposed to alternatives from Fitbit, as it had the best screen and arguably offers the best user experience with its tile based user interface. It retains most of its functionality with my iPhone 6S Plus, omitting the Cortana support which is only available on a Windows phone. Even so, the band has been very useful in its primary function as a fitness tracker and secondary role as notification display.

The tile display slides from left to right and you can customize the color and tiles via the app installed on your phone. After you have made the adjustments, the device takes about 10 seconds to sync up with your band. You can also set specific exercise routines and the band can run them independently of your phone.

The 2 minor complaints that I have so far are the easily stretchable connector strap and the fact that the microphone is useless unless you are using a Windows phone. In addition, the band was not too comfortable to wear at first, but after about 2 weeks of daily use, it seems to have conformed to my hand and is now much more comfortable.

Overall, I would say that as my first wearable, it is a very impressive device and I have grown attached to it. If I am not wearing my band, it often feels as if I have forgotten something important. I think that alone is a strong indication that the device has become an essential piece of hardware that I must use on a daily basis.

Edit 1: My Band 2's strap broke and I had to return it to the Microsoft Store for an exchange. Initially, the assistant wanted me to buy another one (even though I told her that I spoke on the phone with support and the band is still under warranty) but 2 more seasoned employees came to my aid and resolved the issue promptly. I hope that the strap will not snap as it did with the first!

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