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Intel Solid State Drive 750 Series

After my (amazing!) HTC Vive purchase, I was left with little space to spare on my 256MB Samsung 840 EVO drive. I have been reading about the new NVMe standard, which is typically 4 times faster than your average SATA III drive. The NVMe SSDs can use PCIe 3.0 x4 in order to get a massive bandwidth improvement. After installing my Intel SSD 750 400GB, I was benchmarking transfers rates of about 2.3 MB/s (compared to about 550 MB/s for my old 840 EVO SSD).

Unfortunately, the installation process did not go smoothly for me. Despite using the latest drivers and setting up my BIOS as instructed, I had issues with the drive disappearing after the computer was awaken. I am currently fiddling with the BIOS and Windows 10 power settings to see if I can resolve this issue. Alternatively, I could just never sleep my machine. At least I will be staying warm!

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