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Samsung KS8500 TV

After my 10 year old Dell plasma TV started developing some black pixels, I decided it was time for a new TV. After extensive research, focusing on 65 inch, 4K, HDR and sub $2K price point TV, I settled on the Samsung KS8500. Even though it may not be top of the line at the time of purchase, with the 9000 series or the LG OLED series TVs being superior, I felt that it provided the most value. I absolutely love the colors and brightness that this TV is able to produce. The curved screen is a nice aesthetic but it provides little in actual practice. It does not affect the viewing experience in any way, other than perhaps extreme view angles from the sides.

After mounting it to a wall and calibrating the colors based on settings from, I am able to enjoy the most realistic images that I have seen produced on a screen. It is not a perfect TV by any means, as there is some light bleeding at the bottom and a little at the top, especially on darker screens. However, the pros far outweigh the cons and this TV is truly a work of art. The only sensible upgrade to this TV would be an 8K OLED LG display and those are extremely expensive at the writing of this post.

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