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Denon AVR-S920W

My older Panasonic DVD/Receiver started misbehaving, so I decided that it was time for a replacement. Since I have a shiny new 4K TV, I had to make sure that the receiver would play nice with it. This unit was on sale at Best Buy (for less than what Amazon at the time), so I decided this was the one.

The setup was intuitive, although it took me several tries to calibrate it properly, since I had to make some speaker adjustments. There were also some issues with it turning back on after it has been turned off, but I managed to track down the issue to the Smart Menu.

I have a proper 7.1 speaker setup now, with 2 brand new Fluance front speakers, which I will write about at a future date. Although I have not been able to find true 7.1 content, Dolby DTS sounds fantastic, as well as other multi-channel sources. Sure, it is not Dolby Atmos but I also did not break the bank, as the total sound setup came to around $750 (including the 2 Fluance XL5F speakers and 12-gauge wiring).

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