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My New Trainer Drone

Since my previous mini-drone's batteries no longer last more than a minute, I decided it was time for a whole new (much larger) drone. After some research, I decided to purchase the DBPOWER FPV U818A. It is a great value for the money, as it features a 720P camera, phone app and has protectors around the blades. It is a best seller on Amazon and I was able to get it on sale for around $90.

The drone is fun to fly, but I had trouble calibrating so that it would hover steadily. It tends to drift a bit on its own, although wind does not seem to affect it too much. The phone app is very basic and it is a little tricky to setup the feed on an Android phone. However, it is a nice feature, especially if you wish to control the drone from far away with no clear line of sight.

Overall, I think it is a fun drone that you can use to train yourself, before "graduating" to the larger and more demanding DJI drones. I wish that it was easier to calibrate, but other than that, it offers a great experience to new drone pilots. I had to tell Bricky (my cocker spaniel) that is it not a toy for him to chase after and try to bring down. Eventually, he accepted the drone as part of the family and does not mind when it buzzes around the backyard. I would give the U818A drone 4 out of 5 stars, taking one away because of the calibration difficulty and one because the mobile app could be better developed.

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