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User Interface (UI)

Here you will find various user interface designs, utilized in interactive entertainment applications and simulations.

3rd person action game


​​AugRUI is an Augment Reality inspired UI for a 3rd person action game. All the information is presented to the player in a natural way, using 3D space and modern NUI concepts.


A Flash based prototype was also implemented, which allowed the user to change weapons via the arrow keys.

Kube Kombat

multiplayer action puzzle game


​​Kube Kombat is a 2 player split screen action puzzle game. The objective of each player is to defeat his opponent by using a combination of cubes which conglomerate and various other items that can be saved in the inventory and used strategically during the game.


Kube Kombat was a student showcase finalist at the Independent Gaming Festival.

TetherSim 2K

satellite orbit/tether simulator


TetherSim 2K was a Flash-based simulator, where the user can input the parameters of the orbits for a satellite and a tether and be able to capture and release the two objects if their trajectories intersect.


The user interface was inspired by interplanetary gas images captured by NASA probes, creating a rather unique user experience.


multiplayer online poker game


PowerPoker is a fully functional Flash (client) and JAVA (server) based poker game, with support for up to 8 players. There was a separate server running the chat and messages services, as well as a secure connection server handling virtual transactions.


The user interface was modeled as if made by overlapping glass panels of various opacities, as if staggered cards.


​​multiplayer turn based strategy game


Breach is a 4 player turn based strategy game, which centers around a castle to be defended by a player, while 2 other players are designated as attackers, with the last player as a defender. It is meant to be played on a tablet, with touch/gestural commands and features dynamic team designation, based on real world conversation between the players.

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