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User Experience (UX)

View various projects, which focus primarily on the user experience, although may also include UI elements.


Originally titled Entropics and undergoing several name changes during development, Extropics simulates a micro organism world by applying rules of English grammar into a virtual world. Organisms are created from a text file and begin eating other organisms, which are generated out of words. Larger organisms move slower and are stronger, smaller ones must eat others to survive.


The project was presented on a large projection screen with ambient surround sound which dynamically changed as organisms grew or diminished in numbers. Despite a planned and designed UI, it was not implemented and the project remained as a real time simulation with no user interaction.



ScrollWall is a design for a record scanning interface for bank records, designed to quickly detect and alert operators about fraudulent checks. The main focus is on enhanced user experience by relating old fashioned slide show elements to modern finger touch/swipe interface. The idea is to process records quickly and efficiently, by jumping to "critical regions" in the timeline at the bottom of the interface. The system automatically keeps track of new records, flags and color codes them to alert operators about which items need to be considered in greater detail.



Grouse is a team success measuring concept prototype, which can provide team leaders with metrics covering team performance and efficiency, as well as team member selection and assignment. Team members are represented by blocks, which change size based on parameters such as project success rate and appearance based on compatibility between  team members.

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